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AP TET - Suggested Textbooks - for Psychology and Pedagogy pdf download

What is TET ? APTET PAPER 1 syllabus - suggested Textbooks - for Psychology and Pedagogy pdf download Download  AP TET 2021 SYLLABUS   APTET... thumbnail 1 summary

APTET psychology textbooks pdf file download child development

What is TET ? APTET PAPER 1 syllabus - suggested Textbooks - for Psychology and Pedagogy pdf download

Download AP TET 2021 SYLLABUS 

APTET is Teacher Eligibility Test conducted by Andhra Pradesh School Education Department. The person who intends to be a school teacher needs to qualify in this APTET exam. .

Qualifying in APTET is mandatory to be eligible to write Andhra Pradesh Teacher Recruitment Test (TRT) i.e APDSC which takes the responsibility of the selection procedure of recruiting teachers in various government schools.

APTET 2021 syllabus psychology textbook preferred

సైకాలజీ (చైల్డ్ డెవలప్మెంట్) విభాగానికి సంబంధించిన టాపిక్స్ క్రింది పుస్తకాల నుంచి సేకరించుకుని చదువుకోవచ్చు

1. Childhood, Child Development and Learning - 

2. Society, Education and Curriculum -

3. Early Childhood care and Education (ECCE) -

4. Patasala Samskruthi Nayakatvam -

What topics are covered under Child Development and pedagogy in APTET 2021 syllabus?

Child Development and Pedagogy is a part of APTET 2021 syllabus from which 30 questions appear for 1 mark each question. So you will see 30 marks would be asked on this Child Development and Pedagogy in this APTET exam.

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నవచైతన్య కాంపిటీషన్స్ నుంచి రెగ్యులర్ అప్ డేట్స్ కోసం NC DAILY 15 అని 9640717460 కు వాట్సాప్ సందేశం పంపవలెను. మీ మిత్రులకు కూడా ఈ సమాచారాన్ని షేర్ చేయండి

How will be the APTET exam paper and what is the significance of APTET EXAM ?

APTET exam is to test the eligibility of the teacher and to improve the quality in teacher education. So we cannot assume that this APTET exam will be easy for those who did not prepare for it. The questions asked in APTET are always up to their standard difficult levels which can determine the eligibility of the candidate to be a teacher.

Which textbooks/ books are suggested to study Psychology – Child Development and pedagogy for APTET 2021 ?

It is always a best way to study academy textbooks printed
by the school education department and SCERT. For APTET Paper 1A (SGT) Psychology and Pedagogy, you can study the topics which come under APTET syllabus from the textbooks of D.El.Ed. first year. You can study Psychology – Child development from the topics given in this textbook. The pdf files of these text books are given below which you can download or you can visit dietbukkapatnam.blogspot.com for these pdf files.

APTET child Psychology and pedagogy bukkapatnam diet website.