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Today Current Affairs in telugu 19/08/2022 | భరద్వాజ్ కరెంట్ కాలమ్ - డైలీ కరెంట్ అఫైర్స్ టెస్ట్

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August 19, 2022 Current affairs in telugu | Current affairs in telugu pdf | daily current affairs | Todays current affairs in telugu

Today Current Affairs in Telugu


Navachaitanya Competitions offers recent current affairs on a day-to-day basis for candidates preparing for competitive examinations. By reading the daily newspapers, you will have the opportunity to master the current affairs of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as well as the national and international current affairs. Navachaitanya Competitions Free Current Affairs Online Test is a great tool for candidates looking for Telangana Current Affairs in Telugu and Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs in Telugu.

ఇవి కూడా చూడండి . . . 

+ గత నెల వరకూ కరెంట్ అఫైర్స్ ప్రాక్టీస్ బిట్స్ పిడిఎఫ్ లో డౌన్ లోడ్ చేసుకోవడానికి ఇక్కడ క్లిక్ చేయండి.

+ ఎండోమెంట్ ఈవో స్టడీమెటీరియల్స్ ను పిడిఎఫ్ రూపంలో డౌన్ లోడ్ చేసుకోవడానికి ఇక్కడ క్లిక్ చేయండి.

Daily Current Affairs in Telugu

Navachaitanya Competitions has been providing current affairs in Telugu for the last three years instead of giving away current affairs one day or two. Current Affairs in telugu offers by Navachaitanya Competitions for candidates preparing for DSC, APPSC Exams, Railway Exams, Police Jobs helps in getting good marks. 

Apart from providing Daily Current Affairs in Telugu, Navchaitanya also offers Current Affairs Telugu PDFs on a monthly basis, Recent Current Affairs - Six Months Current Affairs PDF twice a year, Current Current Affairs - Twelve Months Current Affairs PDFs once a year.

Current Affairs in Telugu - 12months Current Affairs PDF:

As mentioned earlier Navchaitanya Competitions is offering current affairs in the form of practice bits on a day to day basis from January to December 2021. You can download 2021 Current Affairs Telugu PDF from the following link. However, in addition to downloading the Current Affairs PDF, you will also need to read the recent Current Affairs in Telugu. Also, you can now visit the Navchaitanya Competitions website daily and write the Free Current Affairs Online Test to find out what's important in terms of current affairs today.

Today Current Affairs in Telugu Topics covered: 

The following Current Affairs topics were mainly found to be useful for competitive exams when looking at yesterday’s newspaper. Turn to the newspapers once and take a look at these topics as well as the rest of the current affairs topics covered and then start writing the test.
• భారత్ లో భూగర్భ జలాల వాడకం • దేశజనాభా పెంచడం కోసం రష్యా నజరానా • ఆర్టెమిస్ • పారాషూటింగ్ ఛాంపియన్ షిప్ పోటీలు

Free Current Affairs in Telugu - Practice Test
Daily current Affairs in telugu - Date: 19.08.2022

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Syllabus in telugu


Current Affairs in telugu

Current Affairs is one the Leading subject which is useful for all the aspirants who are preparing for various Competitive exams. Here NavaCHAITANYA Competitions Current Affairs telugu Practice Bits Prepared by Our Faculty Sri Ch. Bharadwaj  Current Affairs Practice Test in Telugu